The Key Ingredients for Production

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The Five Story Elements

Plot-A story of an old South African  man who is determined to learn how to read

Characters- Our protagonist is the South African and later on we meet his son who is an author of the book

Conflict-We see the man struggle to achieve his goal, as the camera captures nights spent outside reading by his  porch light and the confused looks that follows a mistake in a game of Scrabble

Setting- its take place in adult education classes, his house, the library and during hangouts with friends

Theme-Bell’s is the perfect drink to celebrate a momentous occasion.

Production role/how its applied —challenges – The Director of the show, this man doesn’t want to show just people drinking and having a good time with whiskey he wants to make it a point that this drink is so special it should only behave it when a momentous occasion has  occurred  ” give him a bells’ What the director takes from this video is other meaning to a man of a character and determination.Some commercials feature men showcasing their spirit by climbing mountains or going to war. But imagine being a grown man and gathering the strength and courage to learn how to read.

The Bell’s Whiskey commercial, is geared toward an older audience, one that is celebrating the bonds between a father and a son, celebrating a very courageous event in the father’s life. If the commercial had been geared towards men, but a bit younger, like a father taking out his son who just turned 21, it would have come out differently. The story would maybe be a little touching, but not enough to induce tears or feeling of accomplishment. The story may have shown the dad drinking a Bell’s when his son was born, and then showed moments of his son’s life leading up to the the day his dad takes him out and tells him “Today, you are a man” and acknowledges that his son is a grown up by buying him a Bell’s. It would be seen as a rite of passage story for the son, and the dad welcoming him into adulthood. It would not be a story of triumph and over coming obstacles rather it is a celebration.

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The Five Story Elements

Plot-An American falls in love with a French girl

Characters-  the American

Conflicts-We find that throughout the video there are many conflicts the  American boy faces; he doesn’t know how to speak to a french  ,  a place to take eat ion France , then finding a job France to where  he can stay with the girl, which leads to where is a church and ending the video how to assemble a crib

Setting- Our story takes place on the website Google

Theme- “Search on” meaning goggle will have what you need to look for

Production role/how its applied —challenges – There were editorial challenges to this commercial. How do you make a commercial, without human interaction, touching and heartwarming? How do you tell a visual story without actors. The people who cut this commercial had to know how to keep the audience engaged.


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The Five Story Elements

Plot- The friendship between a Puppy and a Clydesdale and how they feel attracted, the bond ,the connection,

Characters – A Labrador Puppy and a Clydesdale

Conflicts- The puppy wants to be with the Clydesdale but it can’t since it is in an adoption agency and  needs to be adopted. Throughout the video the puppy manages to escape to visit is new friend but keeps getting caught till a certain where he gets adopted.

Setting- The main setting is in a farm but next door is the adoption agency

Theme- Friendship and family is what the message sends to the audience.

Production role/how its applied —challenges- Being the director. It can be difficult to get  animals to do what you want them to do. The director would need lots of assistance in this matter.


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