The Legends

The Legends including James Hannusch, Monty Hill, caleb augustine, cedarius a.

What we did today was that we walked around asking different people would they prefer apple or android. more people picked apple instead of android. Because  to most people they believe that android have more technical problems than apple, and androids are not as organized as apples. while the people that chose android liked them for there inexpensiveness and easy accessibility. while we interviewed quite a lot of people the number we were able to interview was quite small with every 5 we asked, we only were allowed to interview one or two of them. we interviewed a total of 9 people so you can imagine we asked a lot of people to interview with us. At first James started to ask if we could ask them questions then progressively he got more natural at it and started to learn from his earlier attempts. It started to be a personal adjective to find someone who preferred android to apple. finally we found two people that liked android better and that ended our search. We then quickly came back to begin editing with the footage we got and bloging.

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