Zeros to Heroes Street Interviews

Zeros to heroes went onto the University of Texas campus to search for some street interviews. Our question to the people was “What is a hipster?”. Most people understood the question, knowing how to reply, and some did not because the were totally oblivious to the world around them. The search for good interviews was not to hard knowing the majority of people knew what a hipster is. We captured a lot of good interviews as well as a few bad ones and ended two hours later with 48 videos. For example one of the interviews Tony forgot to record the audio and on another we lost the pop filter (A pop filter is the little foamy thingy on the end of the microphone) to the audio recorder. After Tony got loose and comfortable interviewing got really easy. It was a fun learning experience for us and we are all excited for SXSW.

IMG_1305.MOV.Still001 IMG_1303.MOV.Still001 IMG_1286-2.MOV.Still001 IMG_1285.MOV.Still001 IMG_1279.MOV.Still001

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