SxSW Event Research

1) The first event that I’m interested in seeing at SxSW is “Hannibal Buress Live from Chicago”. I want to see this event because he is a comedian who is from Chicago. I am from Chicago as well so I think we would relate on some of the jokes he might tell about Chicago.

Content Idea: series of tweeting

2) The second event that I’m excited to see is “Arena vs. Couch: The battle of Game Day Experience”. I want to attend that event because they will be talking about what they use to engage fans to watch sports. I think that that topic will be interesting to learn about.

Content Idea: Written blog post

3) The third event that I’m excited to see is the “Dolby Sound Exchange” event. They will have video games that people can play. I love to play video games and I think it will be time consuming. They also have a happy hour with free drinks and music.

Content Idea: Video interview with panelists

4) The fourth event that I’m interested in seeing is the “Sports Don’t Look The Same Anymore” event. I’m interested in seeing this event because  John T. Meyer will examine how info graphics, data visualizations, and interactive pieces have changed the landscape for scouts, managers and marketers inside of the game, as well as fans and fantasy players outside the game. The event will also include top teams and leagues and what they are doing in visualizing data.

Content Idea: 30 second spot video

5) The last event that I’m interested in seeing is “Blackout Drunk with Jon Gabrus”. I’m excited to see this event because Jon is a famous comedian on MTV. I enjoy his work. He is very hilarious.

Content Idea: Man on the street interview

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