1. Event:”Wiki at War”
Date&Time: March 9
Documentation: Blog Post

I am incredibly interested in the “Wiki at War” event because our society has become increasingly dependent on technology and it’s important to know how to protect yourself on these platforms. I would also like to understand how technology will continue to impact us.

2. Event: “8 Ways To Scratch and
And Claw Your Way To
Making a Living Making
Date&Time: March 7
Documentation:”Man on the street”

I am interested in this event because I desire to set up a you tube channel. I would like to film interviews that I do with local celebrities, and hopefully this event could provide me with beneficial tips on how to succeed.

3. Event: “Kelly and Cal”
Time&Date: March 8
Documentation: Series of tweeting

I have I love for “indie” films, especially ones that follow budding friendships/relationships, which is why I am interested in this event. I would thoroughly enjoy seeing the movie, and conversing with those around me about the film.

4. Event: “Inside Late Night with
Seth Meyers”
Time&Date: March 8
Documentation: Series of tweeting

I would enjoy this event because I think Seth Meyers is funny. I also would like to attend this event because it would be a good opportunity to network with people in the entertainment industry.

5. Event: “A Fearless Approach
To Social Change”
Time&Date: March 7
Documentation: Blog Post

I am a apprehensive person when it comes to change in my environment, friends, or family. This event will provide information on how to overcome these fears.

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