SXSW Events?

The first event I am interested in attending is the Gaming Expo that SXSW is hosting. It’s going to be huge and just really catches my attention, I would like to see just how crazy the expo is going to be and would love to be part of it. Although I’m not a huge gamer myself, I do love to play occasionally and love to learn about the games so it just seems like something I would really enjoy and looking forward to seeing and being part of.

Ideas for Content: A thing we could do for the expo is show many clips of whats going around and explain the many activities going on while we’re at the expo, we could have someone in front of the camera asking strangers about what’s going on at the certain event or just explain what we are doing at one of the activities taking place.


The second event I would really like to attend is the SXSW indie corner. I am really into the indie scene and would love to look into the unreleased and best marked indie games. Personally I’ve found most small indie products tend to have the best story lines and are more approachable to my style so the experience would be quite exciting for me.

Ideas for Content:  As for the content of this event we could explain which games were most enjoyable and explain the unreleased games and what they contain and share our feed back of how well they were put together or how they were not.


The third event  i found interesting is the Inside Late Night with Seth Meyers.  This even is really cool considering the host of Late Night and previously SNL will be attending it and will have a discussion on the production of his show and further plans. This sounds like a very exciting experience to hear from and meet a television host celebrity.

Ideas for Content: A good idea we plan and hope to do for this event is to record his discussion and feedback on the production of the show. It would also be wonderful if we could get an interview with some of the producers or writers of his that will be attending and make interesting content.


The fourth event I would like to attend is Journalism Revolution 2.0. Here we will be hearing from innovators of the digital news and how they all put their work together for modern society. It sounds like something very interesting to hear about that could be very useful to hear in the long run for how the media world is shaped and can be worked around and with.

Ideas for Content: for this we could film their discussions and interview some of leaders of the panel or even one of the innovators and just listen into what they have to say about journalism in modern society.


The fifth event that has caught my most attention is JIMI: All is by my side. This is a film created in honor of one of my favorite musicians in history Jimi Hendrix and I would really love to watch this film created about him. I would love to hear the stories I have yet to learn and hear about him and enjoy the film and musical aspects of SXSW mixed into one and enjoy it in honor of one of my favorite musicians.

Ideas for content: What I was thinking for this is since we won’t be able to film any of it or intend to, we can collect peoples thoughts on the film and write a blog about what we thought of the film and how much we enjoyed it and found it informal.

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