SXSW Event Research

SXSW Sports

How Future Star Athletes Are Being Discovered

I think this is will be a very interesting even to attend! I am eager to find out how exactly scouts can find the best new players for flowing sports.; basketball, football and baseball and get them involved in the business.

SXSW Comedy

Funny or Die Presents Bill Cosby in Concert

This is an event I  cannot wait to be a  apart of ! Funny or Die  is a comedy video website, “it’s where videos are voted on by users of the site; those that are deemed funny stay, but those that are not ‘die’.” It’s where you can get instant comedy on the internet! Bill Cosby is  famous from his stand-up acts all the way back since the 60s,  and not only is he funny but can be a very sweet guy. He is a very honest  man even if  the truth hurts. I can’t wait to listen to this kind hearted man and be a part of this live action comedy event.

SXSW Gaming

SXSW Geek Stage presented by comiXology  (keep scrolling on the page to find the information about the event)

At this event I will be able to see  hottest names in video games, comics, movies, TV, tech and maybe even more! I  will be able to see what types of games everyone is playing now. I, myself play a lot of video games from different genres, so I am extremely interested to see if they’re any games that will geared towards me.

MVMT50 & Blacks/People of Color @SXSW

Ceelo Green

Ceelo Green is one of the special guest to be a part of the MVMT50 event this year. Ceelo Green is best known for his soul work. He is a  singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer and actor, and was a judge for the reality television singing competition “The Voice”. Although Ceelo might not be on the show this season (with Usher taking his place.)  I have always liked the opinions he has given to the people to help them improve and  become a better musician and how “he was keeping it real”.


All American High: Revisited

I would really like to watch this! It would be amazing to watch how high school used to be and then be able to compare it to  my  current high school experience . I look forward to the Q&A featuring some of the film’s original subjects and in return the interviews, will be revisiting their most memorable chapters in their lives and then being able to ask them questions on how it felt watching how they used to be vs their own observation of their childrens’ high school years

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