My Day at GSD&M

Palm tree at GSD&M

Patrick Parks’ illustration inspired by his shadow experience at GSD&M ad agency.

Wednesday 18 2014,

It was steamy and sticky outside and almost unbearable. As I reached the building beautiful palm trees greeted me. Today I got the opportunity to job shadow at GSD&M. It is an advertising agency located in downtown Austin. The building itself is tastefully modern but not a typical downtown building. Initially, my visit was not off to the best start because of the two women at the front desk (they were slightly rude) but I was not going to let anything ruin my visit. I was determined to have fun and learn as much as I could.

As I sat waiting for the person whom I was shadowing I couldn’t help but notice how laid back this business was. Suddenly, I didn’t feel as awkward walking in there with sweat stains scattered on my shirt. I saw people come in and out with simple tennis shoes and running shorts. There was a common theme though everyone who came in always had a big authentic smile on there face (besides the two women at the front desk) and they were professional.

Touring the facility was fun, I got the sense that the people who worked there were humble and truly enjoyed their jobs. I also couldn’t help but notice the beautiful palm trees and at one point I couldn’t resist, I had to pull out my sketchbook! As a fine artist who would one day love to see their illustrations in books and magazines, I discovered a whole other side of the art world and now I wouldn’t mind doing advertising (well If I got to work at GSD&M).


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