My experience at GSD&M

When I think of an office setting, the images that usually come to mind are ones of a crowded, boring, strict, and generally energy draining environment. Stepping into GSD&M completely changed that stereotype for me, teaching me that not all offices follow conventional office guidelines. Everything from the staff to the architecture was completely welcoming and vibrant, giving off fun vibes that showed the employees and their clients the atmosphere the company wants them to experience. The very friendly and personable Matt that we had the honor to shadow showed us around the building and allowed us to ask any questions we had. Fortunate for me, his field of work is similar to what I want to do (mostly script writing), giving me an insight on his daily work and a sneak preview  for what my life could potentially become one day. Overall, the experience was fun and comfortable and I can’t wait to find out what next week has in store!

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