My First Day at McGarrah Jesse- Alexandria Sifuentez

To be or not to be? That is the question I’ve always struggled with answering

The realistic facts that my father always left me with kept me pondering.

It’s just a hobby. Nothing more. Yet on this journey called life I decided to explore

On my first shadow day of course I parked too far from my location

A nice hot sweaty hike I took. Tripod in my hand, camera on my shoulder, ready to make my creation

Nervous and excited. mixed emotions I had

But ready to learn and to prove something to my Dad

When I made it up the stairs and got to my destination

Everyone was so hipster and laid back all I felt was intimidation

Professional and over dressed I felt

but accepted the cards I was dealt

Dogs fetching in the office, creative decorative interior, and once the presentation started

the only thing I was thinking was “I found my people!” on the map its finally been charted

I loved their motto ” deep and wide” and seeing behind the scenes of commercials and merchandise

With all that I experienced on my first day; It couldn’t have been bought at a price.

It was super encouraging to hear from professionals that you can have a job that you love

without being a starving artist in cut throat Hollywood that still feeds and pays. Sounds like a gift from above.

I realize I still have much to observe and learn. But I’m ecstatic and feel ambitious.

And ready to experience more of the world despite how I hear it’s quite malicious.

It was the highlight of a rough week. Yet ironically I’m scared of success.

On the bight side I’m closer to reaching one of my goals. So no stress

Sadly I’m not able to make a video for my first blog

I almost have all the resources. And I cant use the lame excuse featuring my dog

But I figured I’d do the second most entertaining thing

I hope in your opinion poetry doesn’t sting






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