Day 1 of Job shadow

This was the best first day I could ever ask for in this experience. We started the day by talking to two workers from the creative art department of Mcgarrah Jesse. They explained to us the process of how they go through a project. I never knew there was so many steps that go into creating an ad. Then, the person I am shadowing, Marcellina Kampa let me sit in on two briefings of ads they are going to be working on the next few weeks. I was completely awestruck being in the room with people that have the job I wish to have in the future. After visiting Mcgarrah Jesse two years ago I contemplated if advertising was the route I wanted to take but after my first day of job shadowing I knew that this is what I want to do at the place I hope to work at in the future. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and I can’t thank E4 Youth and its sponsors enough for giving me a chance to experience this.

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