Okay, so yesterday is exactly what I needed to hear in order to get my mind and heart on track to become a great music producer and walk down my own individual path to rise above the rest of the crowd and make it to what I deem as “success.” The conference I had with “Riders Against the Storms” Jonathan or Chakka as he calls himself; was very inspirational and he asked me some questions that I had no idea how to answer put over the course of his advice I slowly began to answer those questions, so that I can determine what I am and the amount of heart(work) I need in order to reach my goal.

I met some very wonderful people and got many of their contact information such as: Gabriel, Marcellina, and Bryan Jesse each of who by the way are great and at McGarrah Jesse the over all feel of the building  when you first walk up the stairs from the inside are a very sophisticated and elegant style but the workers are very laid back and chill, so much that many of them walk around with their dogs. But, even though it is a small company compared to GSD&M they put in just as much work if not more.

(above in the two pictures)

We see some of the workers hard at work, discussing what they like/dislike about some of the new designs created for the new Whataburger menu, burger advertisements, and dipping sauces. These designs include coming up with new slogans, formats and looks but still keeping to the originality of the company they are working with


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