Erin Devany’s Resume

Erin Devany

  • Education:

-Pflugerville High School

-3 years, currently entering senior year.

-GPA: 3.2


  • Leadership:

-Officer for Theatre Troupe 1361

-Elected historian for 2014-2015 in order to interpret Pflugerville High School’s thespian society through photography.


  • Experience

-Multiple short films and a music video. (all presented on my portfolio)

-Entered a short narrative (For the Sake of Sanity) to Austin Youth Film Festival and won runner up, receiving $500 for the film which I wrote and directed.

-Experience in stage acting

-I have been a part of the Pflugerville High School theatre program for two years now.


  • Skills

-Ability to edit videos using the video editing software program, Final Cut Pro

-In depth knowledge in screen writing and directing

-Extensive knowledge of computer software programs such as Microsoft word, Excel, Outlook, and Microsoft Office.

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