My Day at GSD&M


When I arrived at the advertisement agency GSD&M it felt as though I was meeting a familiar friend; having previously toured the agency several months back. Last time, I was there to receive an award for the work I did during SXSW 2014 for E4 Youth. This time, I was there to walk a mile in the moccasins of Gus Solis (first name pronounced Goose) a Jr. Copywriter at GSD&M. Gus, Anthony January (another E4 Youth member), and myself immediately grabbed a seat and began the process of getting to know each other. I learned that Gus moved here from Mexico, and that prior to working for GSD&M he worked for the ad agency, Latin Works. He is a prime example of the positive impact social media can have on an individual in our society. Gus was hired at Latin Works after sending them his Tumblr page, he told us that without immersing himself in all that social media has to offer he wouldn’t have been hired at GSD&M.


Our day was mostly spent receiving little nuggets of advice and wisdom about how to achieve our dreams. According to Gus these are the things that will lead you down a road of creativity and success:

1. Always! Always! Always! Keep a journal close by for writing, this allows you to have a place for bursts of creativity.

2. Network! Never stop forming relationships. Never stop making conversation. I know, I know. In this digital age that may seem like a foreign concept, but it allows to you meet people and surpass all of your wildest dreams.

3. Everyone is creative! It’s up to you to decide how you chose to let your creativity shine through.

4. Taking a shower is the cure for writer’s block! It’s calming and frees up your mind.

5. This is your time! We are at the perfect age to become the next Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson, or Hemmingway. The world is our oyster. This is the time to make fruitful connections to insure a prosperous and happy future. If you work hard now, there will be plenty of time to play later.

By the end of the day I was convinced that Gus should forget about copywriting, and travel the country as a motivational speaker. I left GSD&M feeling awakened; I felt as though I could come out victorious in this war we call life. I had the only ammunition I would need: wisdom.


Not only did he provide us with pointers on how to live the life we want, he also showed us what he’s done as a copywriter. Unless you live under a rock, everyone knows that the FIFA World Cup is going on this month. Last year, GSD&M acquired RadioShack as their client. The agency is aiming to show people that RadioShack is not outdated, and contains the newest technology on the market. Gus and his work partner recently developed a web series for the World Cup. The videos document the travels of a young man in Brazil, using a “World Cup Helmet” equipped with electronic devices that are found at RadioShack. After watching the video, I felt compelled to blow my money on one of the helmets. They were definitely successful in their advertising efforts!


When I left GSD&M I found myself truly grateful that I got the opportunity to shadow Jr. Copywriter, Gus Solis. He showed me how awesome it could be to work there, and he also gave me a new outlook on life.

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