Bulid A Sign

On my first shadow experience I met with Mikey. She’s a web designer at a company called build a sign. My experience with her was nothing like I expected. When I first walked in the doors of the company I really didn’t think it would look the way that it did. The area is so much more fun, creative, and open looking than I imagined. It’s definitely not your typical office, actually it’s completely the opposite. You have computers everywhere, a huge area for all workers to come and hang out, and a break room with a games and all sorts of food. The environment there is extremely welcoming so once I walked around for a while I definitely felt a great vibe coming from each corner of the room. Mikey was great with showing me exactly what she does. She works with creative programs like Photoshop to better enhance websites and apps for her company. It was really cool getting to see her in her workplace and how she did everything. Her job seems so tedious but the way she works on everything she makes it look fun and enjoyable for herself. I’m really glad I got to meet with her and learn about what she does and the whole work side of such a creative job.

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