Another wonderful time at Mcgarrah Jessee

Having already been to Mcgarrah Jessee, I was excited to experience the wonderful atmosphere again.

For example, anyone who works at Mcgarrah Jessee must bring in a baby picture to essentially embarrass themselves and welcome them into the family. They even have a fake bear rug in the office that they’ve given a personality and baby picture to!

baby pictures

Not only do the people have great personalities, but so does the building. It’s been around for such a long time that there are still bullet holes in the window that have a mysterious origin! To add even more mystery, they seem to have been shot from inside. What could have happened here?


And last but not least, once you step onto the roof top (or as they call it, their helicopter pad), you’re greeted with an authentic Volkswagen beetle turned into a helicopter! While the founder claims it works, many of the employees believe otherwise.


Mcgarrah Jessee was a wonderful experience through and through once again!

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