Internship Adventures Blog: Week 3


As I was given the opportunity to shadow Gabriel this past wednesday at McGarrah Jesse. One thing in particular stood out to me. And that was the attention to detail given to such vigorous work within the editing portion of a commercial. Thankfully I was able to understand at least some since I’ve used the same software through my high school. But the way Gabriel was mastering it was an eye opener to so many hidden secrets that I had yet to discover. So in the same manner I picked up an old piece of art I had started on a year ago after my wednesday adventure. And let my inspiration make its’ mark on my canvas. The eye in the middle is regarding the eye opening experience of not just final cut pro, the software, but as well as life. The tears from the eyes symbolize the hardships I’ve seen that have lead me to where I am today at he internship and for the hardships to come after. The open door on the left is regarding the amazing connections I’m being given the opportunity to have yet another week. The fish and the fish bowl are to show how I’m reminding myself that I have only experienced what’s in that little fish bowl which is juxtaposed to the ocean which is what I’ve been somewhat exposed to the reality to through this week in the business world of McGarrah Jesse. The tree above the fish bowl is a sign of my chapter of change in life from high school to a young adult and growing as a young woman. Lastly the heart and the heart beat are recognition of my thoughts and  passions (heart for)  for working hard for what I want but also to see that there is a deadline to everyones life and that I don’t want to waste it and to see LIFE as something positive. Yet the overall arching theme was my attention to detail within my art to correlate to the attention to detail I had seen in the job shadow this past week while shadowing the first e4youth student Gabriel.

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