McGarrah & Jesse Shadow

My day at McGarrah and Jesse was an eventful one. Going in my expectations were to possibly see a stiff,clinical ,cold work environment where procedure was king.Thankfully those notions were quickly shattered during the tour. Instead to my delight I discovered it was more of a creatives dream with Its very on Whataburger outpost , fully stocked fridges of Shiner, and a Helicopter contraption sitting on the roof overlooking downtown. How much more Austin can you get.? I was impressed to see employees all had decent size work areas that each showed individual customization of some sort. I even got to shadow Videographer + Motion Designer Gabriel LeaL as he worked on a project for one of the company Respective clients. After that I got to sit down with CopyWriter Gary Baker who gave gave me a first hand look into his own personal writing style and creative process. Throughout the conversation I found out that me and Gary had very similar views on on writing and humanity. This encounter was important because for the first time I saw someone who had a similar mentality and humor as me writing in this industry. As a person/writer who is always pondering What If we did this , or This? Its encouraging to see that McGarrah and Jesse is a place where that type of thinking isn’t automatically discarded.

picture by: Jared Lawrence

picture by: Jared Lawrence

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