My Last Job Shadow Experience

This past Wednesday would mark the last day of 2014 that I would shadow a creative in Austin. I ended this eventful experience at the same agency I began, McGarrah Jesse. E4 Youth alumni, Gabriel, was the chosen employee for me to shadow. Myself and Val (another job shadow participant) went to Gabe’s “bat cave” to witness what he does on a day to day basis. This sanctuary for creativity was decorated with electric guitars, an incredibly comfortable couch, and enough electronics to make a technology enthusiast drool. We sat on the couch while Gabriel questioned us on our hopes and dreams, and gave us advice tailored to our intended careers.

I then met copywriter Steve Willis. Willis has a background in journalism and once wrote for a political magazine in London, England, and he wrote for a well known newspaper’s crime section. Although I don’t plan on going into print journalism, I was receptive to pointers he had on working in that field.

We ended the day back in the “bat cave” waiting for our rides to come. I’m glad this was the way I ended the job shadowing program this year. I learned a lot of valuable information and was exposed to a variety of careers in the creative field. I hope to participate in the program next year to learn even more!

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