My Last Shadow Day With Internship Adventures

For my last shadow day at GSD&M with my internship with e4youth. I had shadowed one of the many creatives that GSD&M had to offer. And what was so great with this guy was that it was his first year there in the business in Austin after transferring over from Miami so I was able to see and shadow someone working there way up and experiencing that journey rather than another professional who’s made it to the top in a leading position. It was so cool to talk to him about his everyday to day schedule and to see the type of work you have to do and get out of the way and the other work thats fun and reminds you why you have the job you do. Another thing I had noticed while shadowing was the competitiveness within the same company in the same branch/ specialization. The man I shadowed told me it was friendly competition which is nice. But I guess that stuff never ends even in the business world. He also shared a little about his family, so I figured this job would be the one that would allow someone creative to feed that side of their brain for food on the table and a roof over their head while still able to have a social life. Once again I was grateful to make another connection for another week within the internship. Along with meeting a cool professional creative, I got a tour of the building. Which along with it came cool and funny stories behind the evolution of such genius within a business. To say the least, I wasn’t disappointed yet another wednesday. Regardless of the situations and where I’m placed for shadow days I always come out with an epiphany or something I know I’ll carry with me for when I’ll need a job.

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