My trip tJLo GSD&M was familiar seeing how i had been there once before. however i have to say this time it was more educational. For starters I got a refresher course on the company and how it came to be. I was also reminded about the enigma himself Tim McClure who just so happens to be close friend of the Clinton’s , and as if That’s not enough he’s the creator of the phrase Don’t Mess With Texas you may have heard of it. Oh and i would be remiss to leave out the fact that he is a salsa enthusiast who maintains a food truck stocked with salsa on the premises . With that type of guy being one of your founders you can guess that GSD&M is a place for those who like to create . This was increasingly evident as the tour of the building progressed . Former projects, as well as current ones i can’t expand on lined the walls as we eventually traversed to what the natives affectionately called Siberia. Once there I got sit down with a copy writer who had the privilege of writing the dialogue for a commercial that he and his partner created. I was pleasantly surprised that he was given so much control on a project of this nature i mean he even had input on the casting. This is something that excites me as a creative because essentially they were given a project allowed to create and pursue a concept for the project and maintain a hand in it throughout the whole process. Its truly refreshing to see people be able to operate without being micromanaged or pigeonholed .

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