Success: Sherry Matthews Edition

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Walking into Sherry Matthews I grew nervous. The more I waited the more I grew confused upon who I was. I texted my best friend telling her” I was nervous and” Before I had the opportunity to read her hopeful words of encouragement a joyful man approached me. Mr. Jose greeted me with a warm handshake and an even more gracious how are you? My words a little shaky I began to say the usual, good.. and you? With a moment of relief I sighed. Arriving in his office I was more than proud of myself for learning about their company. I sat down as he quickly explained his goals and outcomes of today and what I expected to gain. Before I replied with my somewhat prepared answer he told me to tell him something about myself. On a typical day this would have been easy but, today seemed like I couldn’t put words together and when I finally I rambled for days. I told him about my family and where I went to school. I mentioned sports id played, classes I’ve taken, and even my parents age. It felt like I went on and on for hours until took a single breath. Once I completed my novel I smiled and said, I can be long winded like my mother.” Smiling back he seemed amused. He continued to allow me to babble when I expressed my goals and expectations from this visit. Finally his turn to speak he broke down the company. He explained the jobs, in’s and outs’, and their purpose. After speaking Jose I next spoke to Lauren Crawford. She explained to me her job title and what she does. She spoke about her past present and her goals for the future. She was inquisitive about my goals and what I planned to do. She was very willing to help as well. Closer to my age and more relatable she made my nerves fly away. She showed me to the roof and allowed me to take a picture in front of this breath taking view. Speaking to a few other employees and touring the building a little I finally ended up with Gretchen Hicks, Art Director. I was beyond excited to meet her because this is what I assumed I wanted to do. She showed me projects she’s has worked on and is currently worked on. Like most of the people at Sherry Matthews she was curious to know about me. She offered personal advice and clarification within her job title. She seemed as nervous and as curious as I was and that made me a lot calmer. Leaving the clean-cut building I was more than happy to have had the opportunity to experience this. Along with learning more about the company and getting to meet new people I began to find clarity. Because of their inquisitions about me and what I wanted to do they helped clarify a lot. Although I’m not exactly sure what I want to do they made it clear that I was on the right track and like them, not being sure of what you want to do can lead you into what you’re supposed to do.

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