E4 Youth’s Music Legacy Project met again on March 5, 2016 to continue developing their creative process.

The student musicians began to assign roles to each other. These included writers, producers, marketers, engineers, publicists and more. Organization is just as important as the creativity in this project. Specialized roles will make for a smoother road to making their ideas into to reality. Writers went to work on lyrics, where they found words that will convey the emotional message of the music, whatever that may be.


Meanwhile, the producers began to collaborate on the basic rhythm and sound to be used for their first song. Each musician sampled their own previous creations for everyone else to hear. They tried different tracks, added a saxophone run or some freestyle rap in an attempt to create something from nothing. As someone who admires the freedom and ease with which creative people collaborate, I was in awe as a unique sound began to form that held a hint of each musician’s style. In summary, this music making machine is up and running.

Keep an eye out for individual video interviews of all of the student musicians and project directors as well as the next weekly update of the Music Legacy Project.


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