The creative minds of the Music Legacy Project convened once again on March 12, 2016.

Just on this third week of progress, the musicians have already started four songs that will be recorded in studio on April 2 & 3. Song titles include “Know,” “Nightmares,” “Morse Mode,” and “Long Story Short.” Each song only has 2-3 musicians collaborating on it. For instance, “Long Story Short” is being led by Kyleeil Johnson and Elexis Kalar, two vocalists. Although each song is being curated by only a couple musicians as the creative leaders, everyone still pitches ideas to keep the process flowing.


The music industry is certainly a very unpredictable line of work. Many young musicians, including some in the Music Legacy Project, have faced ridicule for going after their dream. Creative youth who do not fit the conventional mold of success have been made to feel like failures. Many people confuse unpredictable with impossible, and discourage aspiring creatives from working toward a career that is definitely more about passion than stability. However, these students are artists who are forging their own path rather than being ushered along a conveyor belt, against all odds and despite doubts. Hearing the ambition and confidence in these students’ voices when they talk about their dreams inspired me to think outside of the box and consider every possible angle of all of my endeavors. I believe that everyone can learn something from the way that musicians persevere, especially those who are as young, vibrant, and fearless as those working on this project.

The Music Legacy Project is off the ground and soaring. Please continue to watch and support this history in the making.


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