The Music Is Coming Together


This past weekend was the fifth week of the Music Legacy Project. For the past month, we have been following student musicians who were given the opportunity to showcase themselves by collaborating and making an EP together. I was able to listen to what the young musicians have been creating these past few weeks. I was impressed to find out that most of these students were about my age or even younger. They were able to create music that incorporated their unique personalities and it is shown in their work.

Cameron Riggs collaborating with Grupo Fantasma

Cameron Riggs collaborating with Grupo Fantasma

While the students were in the studio getting familiar with the equipment and setting up to record, it allowed to me reflect on my own personal experiences as a musician, and I found myself able to relate to these musicians. When writing lyrics or making chords, the hardest past is trying to find, as the band twenty one pilots sing, “sounds no one’s ever heard, and chords in a order that is new.” I know from personal experience, and from speaking to fellow musicians, that finding that right sound, especially when you are on a team and everyone has to be happy, can be stressful.

However, the atmosphere in this studio was different- it was alive and kicking. Whatever stress may have been present, was definitely not enough to keep them from creating. The students were working cooperatively and I was able to notice how strong the relationships between the students were. Now I don’t want to spoil anything before the EP comes out but I will say I felt as if I were witnessing the beginning of a new music genre.


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