Two men in East Austin look at new mural on 12th & Chicon, Austin TX

12th & Chicon VR Experience

Explore E4 Youth’s VR Experience of the “heart of Austin’s Black community,” the corner 12th & Chicon.

Instructions [includes audio, best viewed in Firefox via desktop]:
Use the hand cursor to drag the image in any direction. Direct the floating circle cursor over the thumbnails to transition to other 360° images in the gallery. Refresh browser or view in Firefox if audio does not load immediately.

Behind the Scenes in E4’s Creative Production Process

The 360 images used to build the VR environment were captured by Ricardo Villegas with a Vuze 360 camera, and coded by Chris Robinson using Glitch.


Make your own VR Experience


E4 Creative Mentor Jorge Ramirez interviewed Executive Director of Six Square Nerfertitti Jackmon. Audio editing was done by Creative Mentor Duc Nguyen.

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