Shadow The Pros 2019 Recap: What’s In It for the Pros? 

E4 Youth just wrapped up its 11th Shadow The Pros internship program. Each summer, teams of promising creative talent from Get Creative Enrichment Clubs and Creative Mentors work with E4 Youth industry partners on real-world creative and technology projects.  

I’ve written in the past about how Shadow The Pros benefits the students who participate. After this year’s Capstone Event, I was wondering “What’s in this for the businesses and professionals who participate?” 

How Does Shadow The Pros Benefit E4 Youth Partners? 

Many organizations these days are using volunteerism as part of their employee satisfaction programs. It simply feels good to use what you know to help others — especially when you can use your career skills in a way that’s relevant and meaningful. Plus, it’s much easier to volunteer when your employer is sponsoring the activity and empowering you to help out during your regular work day.

Our Shadow The Pros partners get to know a group of talented young creatives and discover their massive potential. They gain fresh perspectives and smart ideas they can offer to their clients and use within their businesses. Plus, Shadow The Pros partners also become known among E4 Youth’s young creatives as desirable places to work.

All this for a six-week program, some financial support to help cover student stipends, and a couple of coaches who are willing to invest a few hours a week with their interns. (Most of the time, Shadow The Pros interns are working on their projects with E4 Youth coordinators.)

Team McGarrah Jessee presents their work.

2019 Shadow The Pros Coaches Share Their Views 

This year, our participating business partners were GSD&M, McGarrah Jessee, Rabbit Foot Studios and Intern teams worked on everything from Pizza Hut and Lyft advertising campaigns to a student-produced two-minute film on civic engagement — and even a UX design for a real-world VR experience creation tool.  

Our partners’ clients were universally thrilled with the students’ work, and the feedback from the Shadow The Pros business coaches was outstanding.


“I wish I’d had this experience when I was young. It was awesome seeing these girls blossom and grow. I really encourage other professionals to participate in Shadow the Pros because it was a really great experience on both sides, for us at GSD&M and for the students.”Laura Canzano, GSD&M 


“I had a great time working with the E4 Youth interns. They really soak up information and get as much out of the experience as they can. I definitely recommend this program to other professionals. I would’ve loved being a part Shadow the Pros while I was in school, so I really appreciate partnering with E4 Youth to make it happen.” — Abbie Scheider, McGarrah Jessee


“Our E4 Youth interns went from shooting their first rough cut on an iPhone to shooting the whole thing on a Sony professional camera with the proper exposure and framing and everything. That level jump in a two-week span was amazing.” — Sam Chortek, Rabbit Foot Studios 


“Shadow the Pros was beneficial to me because I’m a manager who is responsible for hiring recent college graduates. Shadow The Pros helps me keep a pulse on things that those candidates care about. Additionally the fresh ideas and perspectives learned from the mentees were greatly beneficial for an innovative thinker.”
— Daphne Isom, Cube Management/volunteer coach for Team Permanent


Rabbit Foot’s Sam Chertok discusses his team’s dedication and impressive skills.

Team Permanent presents its UX design project.

Become an E4 Youth Business Partner

In addition to Shadow The Pros, there are many ways for businesses and professionals to get involved with E4 Youth. By becoming an E4 Youth partner, your organization can get connected with a broad pool of local talent that’s being well-prepared for technology and creative fields, with diverse viewpoints and experience that typical hiring pipelines often lack. Learn more about partnering with E4 Youth


Shadow The Pros 2019 Recognitions

Team Mc-Garrah-Jessee: Ash Catalan, Mikayla Dumas*, Max Rocha, Ricardo Villegas
Coaches: Abbie Scheider, Avery Graham

Team Rabbit Foot – Bethany Bissell*, Jamie Corum, Brenda Duran, Taylor Long**
Coach: Sam Chortek

Team Permanent: Jennifer Arriaga, Andrea Danao*, Marley McMillan, Bryson Williams*
Permanent Coaches: Robert Friedman, Megan Dolan
Volunteer Coach: Daphne Isom

Team GSD&M: Christian Galvan, Karina Mata*, Alexis Mendieta, Christy Zhu
Coaches: Ana Leen, Kirya Francis, Laura Canzano

*Outstanding Team Members        **Most Outstanding Participant 

E4 Youth Shadow The Pros Program Coordinator: Carlton Wilcoxson

Additional Partners: Precision Camera, Austin Public Library


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