E4 Virtual Talk with Shayna Brown, CEO of Chez Boom Audio

Shayna has 20+ years of experience with audio recording, ADR, editing, foley, and all things audio. She has extensive entertainment industry experience, including audio production for TV and radio commercials, Academy Award-winning feature films, major studio recording releases, and nationally syndicated radio broadcasts. She also teaches audio engineering at Texas State University and serves on the board of the Long Center. Every step of the way she’s had help, and she’s ready to give help to the next generation.





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About E4 Virtual Talks

As part of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, E4 Youth is expanding our online programming to provide weekly access to guest speakers from within the creative, technology, and entrepreneurial sectors. We particularly want to hear from diverse professionals that can serve as role models for our students which are primarily creative youth of color ages 16 – 22.

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