Show Your Reel Contest Tips

As we go into the first of week of Industry Tours, I’m sure many of you are wondering how you’ll be able to compete in the Show Your Reel Contest. Click here. For our purposes, well focus on a few of the most important requirements and strategies.

You must attend at least 3 tours. To attend a tour, you must RSVP for it by visiting the Tours or Events page and RSVPing for it. Attendance is limited for each tour and spots are reserved on a fisrt come, first serve basis. So, sign up now.

Communication is key
In order to be successful in the contest, you will have to be an effective communicator. The way that you communicate in your artist statement, comments on each others’ pages and your interactions with professionals at the tour sites will make the difference in whether local media companies will want to invest in you as an intern or apprentice.

Useful collaborations can go a long way When thinking about portfolio pieces, it’s good to consider collaborating with your fellow students on a project. Maybe you can be a graphic designer while your fellow student does the technical work on a web site? Maybe you can write the music for a video that other participants are shooting? Another thing to consider for your portfolio is to do work for real clients. Maybe you know a band that needs a video or web site? Maybe you could create a print ad or commercial for a local business or friend? Judges will be more impressed by your ability to use creativity to solve real world problems and a willingness to work with your peers.

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