E4 Youth Industry Tour Series: McGarrah Jessee

McGarrah Jessee

McGarrah Jessee hosted E4 Youth’s second industry tour this month. The agency, awarded Southwest Agency of The Year” in 2009 by Ad Age, serves several local and national brands. Some of their most notable clients include Frost National Bank, Whataburger, and Shiner beer.

Account Director, Dionne Estabrook explained that what differentiates the agency from the masses is the type of relationships they build with their clients. Their client-base is smaller than many of their counterparts in places like NYC and Chicago. However, the length of their relationships with their clients is much longer than most agencies. They’ve been the agency of record for Frost for over 15 years and have served Whataburger for 10 years.


A panel of creative employees discussed their roles, which ranged from graphic designer to an art/copy team to production. After sharing their own personal stories they answered student’s questions about how to succeed and get noticed in this competitive industry.

  •  Going to portfolio school is something that will give you an edge when job-searching. Be sure to find a portfolio program that fits you and has a high placement ratio.
  • If you can’t afford portfolio school seek out ways to continue learning and improving your work.
  • Side projects keep you sane and also enhance your creative performance at work.
  • Make sure your online portfolio is current and easy to navigate.
  • Your resume should be pristine; there is no room for error.

E4 Youth Alum Christian Nelson also stopped by to discuss his journey through the E4 Youth program and how it led to his current position at McGarrah Jessee. According to Christian, E4 Youth opened doors for him that he otherwise would have never known existed.


If you are interested in E4 Youth’s work and would like to host a tour please send an email detailing your interest to Candace Queen, tours@e4youth.org

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