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We are happy to have had our first Industry Tour on Friday February 27th at Powerhouse Animation Studios. Special thanks to Brad Graeber and the rest of the Powerhouse team for being exceptional hosts. They do 1st class work and the students seem to be quite inspired by the experience. Although March 1st is the last day that you can register on the site and compete in the Show Your Reel Contest, we are still going to do some shorter contests in which everyone can compete! We’ll have the details soon. So, invite your friends to join Media Xperiments.

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  • peterjiang March 1, 2009  

    Initially after the tour, I questioned myself: “Now what the heck did I learn?” I still don’t know what I learned! I felt strangely “enlightened” however. Maybe it was because I lagged behind to talk to Bruce about getting into the industry. Thanks for giving us the opportunities to take these tours. Animation has been something I’ve been wanting to do and this tour gave me some insight into it, which I really appreciate.

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