Small Digital Learning Communities

I think that the Texas Media Diversity’s program “Media Xperiments” and Connally High School, as a Digital Learning Community, is a great example of Creative Collaboration as Leadership in Education.

This collaboration sets forth a Vision for Connally’s High School students and its career-related Small Learning Communities Program. The outcomes of this collaboration are based on encouraging digital media literacy though our career-related Learning Communities. In my program, I emphasize high-school digital media literacy in the 21st Century by encouraging and blending traditional and non-traditional forms of creativity and communication skills in our school. For example, this online environment inspires and motivates other Connally digital native students to compete with each other for rewards, recognition and potential internships.

This hybrid Learning Community, in my opinion, can be seen as a case study and a resource for research in Web-based Instructional Technologies.

The examples on this site demonstrate that Connally is ready to bust with creativity as we explore with Adobe and other software. Adobe’s resources help my class facilitate the course design that guides my student’s in preparing for their careers.

By integrating the digital media into our curricula, we provide our students with the right skills and tools, as well as enhance our teaching and learning methods.

What’s next for Connally High School Students? You all tell me. I look forward to reading your comments, criticisms and suggestions.

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