High School Dragon Slayer

High School Dragon Slayer
Also known as: Peter Jiang’s High School Dragon Slayer
Story, cut, and directed by Peter Jiang (credited as Cain Voorhees)
Michael Rice as Michael Rice, Super-fan
Johnny Bender as Johnny “Freakin” Bender, Anti-Fan/Victim
Eli Smith as Eli Smith, Peter Jiang Fan Club Council Member
Christian Nelson as Christian Nelson, Peter Jiang Fan Club Council Member
Tessa Shelton as Tessa Shelson, Casual observer

Cast subject to change in future release.

One day in April 2009, a horde of creatures identified as dragons attacked a school in Austin, Texas. There was no explanation as to how these beasts of lore came into existence, but as roars shook the earth and fire burned the walls of this school, a brave student rose above his peers. Evidence has shown he stole a peg leg from his instructor and headed straight on to slay these monsters, losing his life in the process– but the facts stop here.

The legend of Peter Jiang, the high school dragon slayer, was born.

High School Dragon Slayer is a comedic mockumentary that’s built around this story. Although the story is wildly unbelievable, the use of improvised lines by selected actors and actresses instantly weaved the story of Peter Jiang and his dragon slaying feat.

On May 28th, 2009, a eight to nine minute cut of the film identifying the target audience as Connally High School students was shown to a class. Simply put, this cut received positive response. However, preparing for future release, High School Dragon Slayer will be re-cut with additional footage and remixed with a different soundtrack for the director’s first submission to a/several film festival(s).

One day, this ambitious attempt at a mockumentary will reach a larger audience. You can help now by “becoming a fan” on Facebook! You can also eventually see the CHS-cut on YouTube by subscribing to my account!

DISCLAIMER: No, I’m not deliberately trying to stroke my own ego. Why would I try to brag about something I didn’t actually do? High School Dragon Slayer‘s goal is to simply entertain and if it could motivate people to become “legends” themselves (in a totally positive and realistic way), then all the better.

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