Don’t Mess With Texas Meeting

Today, I and two other of my media diversity peers, along with Mr. Carl Settles, went to a meeting dealing with the up-and-coming Don’t Mess With Texas Youth Film Festival. The whole idea behind the the DMWT Film Festival is to try and get people to get trash from the Car to the Can (Trash Can).

All of us at the meeting brainstormed about many ideas about what to do, and we got some really good ideas. Though, I will not discuss them in this blog! When it ended we gathered out crews (from all those who attended), and exchanged e-mail adresses and phone numbers for futher colaberation.

The DMWT, Car-2-Can campaign, hopefully will encourage all the peole of Texas and the Nation to throw away their trash properly.

This can be the first steps into a more environmentally friendly and pollution free future. All we have to do is travel down that long road, where the destination is more the sweeter. I am Christian Nelson, I am an Artist, and I strive to Imagine.

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