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The latest project that I am planning on displaying in the Austin Film Festival is a short film that features the horrible side effects that human trafficking can take on people. Not only does someone being sold into sex slavery afffects them, but as you can imagine it affects their loved ones as well. The film takes on the feel of a documentary by having the main character’s best friend tell the story. However, there will be clips of simulations of what could happen if someone was to be abducted and sold into sex slavery. The point that I am trying to reach with this film is for young girls not to be naive ahout their surroundings. In the film the two girls are aspiring to be video models, and while blinded by their desires one of the girls gets caught up in human trafficking. And because I am a young girl who has dreams of being a model/actress, I really wanted to make a short film that I can relate to and can hopefully serve as a reminder to myself to not get caught up and become blinded by my dreams that I don’t realize that I still live in the real world.

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  • carlsettles June 3, 2009  

    This sounds like a great project Andrea. Have you finished the screenplay? Let me know what your timeline is.

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