Christian’s Upcoming Major Film Project

Hello everyone, I am Christian Nelson.
Today you have the honor and privilege to be the firsts to get a glimpse into on of my up and coming projects.

If you have visited my page before, and accessed my videos, you would have seen my “I Am Legend Book Trailer”. The whole thing started off as a Video Technology Project, where we had to make a Trailer based upon a Fiction Book. My first choice was, I Am Legend. I went beyond the confines of what was asked and actually made more content for my, as I call it, The I Am Legend Book Project.

I made a Theatrical Trailer, a Teaser Trailer, and a Short Feature. All that in itself was good, but by my standards, not good enough. I wanted to do something, big! Something that was the focal point of the entire Project. So, I decided to try my own take on the, I Am Legend Novel. The title of my film is: I Am “Robert Neville”, based entirely from the book. It will convey the same Robert Neville that so many readers have come to enjoy.

I am going all the way with this project, every aspect will be fine-tuned. Everything from the script, to the actors, and the score. This will be without a doubt one of my best, if everything goes according to plan.

If you haven’t seen my I Am Legend Projects, go to my page and view them. Some I haven’t uploaded, but they are now in the process. Soon, I will have a trailer for the I Am Robert Neville Film. Look forward to its release sometime in early fall. Thanks for your time, and hope you comment back with your opinions and advice!

Look out, Film Contests! Christian is coming to take you by storm!

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