Questions for my Multimedia Students to answer.

What does multimedia, visual design, experiential learning and digital portfolio mean?
Give me an example of each.
How do you see these examples relating to your skills and interests that you uncovered using the website?
What was something important about yourself that you learned?
Describe what you would like to learn or experience in this class over the next year?
How will you be able to tell if you learned anything from this class?

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  • sarahherrera September 8, 2009  

    Questons 1
    1.mulfimedia means sound and to see everything.
    2.visual means to see means to Properation to biuld something.
    4.experiential means to test some thing for learning reasons only.
    5. digital portfolio means to have on a computer or softwar
    Questions 2
    helping me to get better at using computers
    Questons 3
    I can do a lot more things on the computer
    Questons 4
    how to make my own website .
    Questons 5
    i can tell.

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