Media Xperiment Multi-Media Problem

Upon joining Media Xperiments I thought to my self, “Hey this is a cool place to get feedback form my creations and see other creations form others”. However that is not what I’m seeing. The Multi-Midea that is being posted (manly in the photo section) is filled with work that is not created by the user. Most submissions are images from a Google Search. I wish I could see more original user created work then funny/pointless Google Search images. Media Xperiments is a place to show case YOUR WORK not the work of others.

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  • carlsettles October 15, 2009  

    Thanks Zach,
    We agree with you. We have to strike a balance between those that may not have developed their media skills quite yet and let them feel as though they belong here as well. We are now approving images, articles, and videos that are posted here and engaging members with non-relevant postings behind the scenes. In the coming weeks, we will be highlighting members’ work along with weekly workshops featuring Media Makers from all over the state of Texas. So, bear with us as we continue to get things in order.

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