Education: What lies Beyond the Door

What lies beyond the door?

What lies beyond the door is a testament to all I have prepared for.
All that I have stressed over, bleed over, over and over.
I am in the 12th grade, the final year of my high school career. People say that senior year is the “slack off” year but, I have come to learn different. It is quite…challenging! So many thing to prepare for. College, graduation, life, etc. It seems to all be falling on top of me. But this is a burden I must carry. The door ahead of me is opening to life. A life that I control, based on my own decisions.

I stand now in the dark,
Looking ahead of me at the light spilling from the other side of a door.

My pupils grow wide, as they take in the brightness of the near,
As my hands begin to let go, of the burdens of the now.

My heart beats to the song of my breathing,
My soul singing to the tune of my thoughts.

My hand reaches for the door,
I feel the warmth of the forward light.

What lies beyond the door?

What lies beyond the door,
Is my future…

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