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How would you describe your experience?
I got to learn a new program which is called sketchup and it was very fun to experiment.
How would you summarize your feelings of working with a group?
I thought it was pretty fun it made it easier on me because it was less work for me and you know what they say, “the more the merrier!”
What other way would you plan to do a group project?
If we were to make a huge poster project then that might be good for a group, that way everyone can pitch their oppinions on what they think.
Why do you think your group performed the way it did?
We performed the way that we did because we worked together to finish the project on time and used our time wisely.
What changes would you make to solve any of the problems?
I would try to find a way so that we would agree with ideas better.
What is your opinion of working with others?
I like working with others sometimes but not all the time because I like making my own unique products more.Delete Comment

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