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Hello Class,
Please do a quick blog about your group-work project.

How would you describe your experience?
How would you summarize your feelings of working with a group?
What other way would you plan to do a group project?
Why do you think your group performed the way it did?
What changes would you make to solve any of the problems?
What is your opinion of working with others?
Humm describe you say?
1) My experence was nice especally since i prefer to work by myself than n groups that way there is no outside pressure to sdo things at other peoples pace and if you mess up the only one you can blame is yourself.
i procrastanated a buit in doinng the sound and vocals simly b/c im lazy and sometimes i just couldent get ahold of stuff ….that and i kept messing up among other things.

2)i didnt and i was happy as a clam thank you very much.

3)…….well besides making a group project to make these questions seem less redundant i would ask everyone what they wanted to do IF i worked in a group(i didnt) and we would go from there , democracy is power.

4) wasnt i a group again and me , myself and i did great i actually turned it in on time.:)

5) I would motovate myself more and try not to get distracted by homework or reading or games.

6) …………I still prefer working by myself.

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  • nathanmunoz1 November 16, 2009  

    It was cool working with someone
    uhh same as top
    i wouldn’t i don’t plan i just do
    because were beast
    i wouldn’t we rocked it

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