Austin American-Statesman Industry Tour

I really enjoyed the trip to the Austin American-Statesman building. I was really amazed by how quickly everything was done. The whole place was just like our high school newspaper room but on a much grander scale, and much more advanced. Everyone had his or her own desks and assignments to do. My favorite part was when we got to see the printing presses. They looked like buildings themselves! I was amazed by how huge printing one paper was. I was glad that I was able to see what I might want to do when I get older. It made me realize how much I really wanted to be a journalist. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to meet any photographers (or any that I knew of) but I was still glad to see how everything came together in one spot to build a great newspaper.

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  • humbertoaperez February 11, 2010  

    Great job of sharing your thoughts with us. I’m really glad that you enjoyed the field trip. Are you going to sign up for the Channel 8 news tour that is coming up this Monday, February 15th? I know that we have a holiday, but we have a bus lined up to take us on the tour. Let me know.

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