AMS Industry Tour

On February 10,2010 a few students and myself went to AMS in Austin and we got to get a first hand experience of what they do. They gave us a tour of where they work and what they do. They help clients with anything from Commercial ads to Documentaries, they even have a set for live new covereges. They had a work shop there and they gave us a chance to work with them. We were put into teams of 4, someone had to direct it, someone else had to work the camera, someone had to control the audio, and someone had to do the acting. When our video was done they were going to edit it from when we were in the green screen witch was a very fun expirience. We got to talk to the people and ask them questions and they gave us there buissiness cards so if we had questions we could ask them and to e-mail them for our video.

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