SXSW Interactive

I have heard so much about SXSW but never realized how much fun it is and how much you can learn or how much you can discover. For instants this new computer dirt racing game. You use this controller that in order to turn you have to tilt the whole controller, of course you could use the analog sticks if you want but still, that’s freakin awesome. Also I learned from these people at this one stand called eye camera (I think) where in order to make a good movie, you don’t necessarily have to use expensive equipment. What matters most is how good of a story can you tell. Is it nice to use expensive equipment, yes, but if you don’t tell a good story, your movie is gonna suck. I learned a whole lot more but way to much to post up on a blog, lol. Again though SXSW is freakin awsome.

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