In my warm broken heart why couldn’t you stay? I guess it’s true what people say everyone goes away. I’m too strong to let a tear drip but I’m slipping because I caught a tear slip.
Now your gone, left me all alone. I got my head to the floor the hands on my head watching my tears fall like rain drops.

The day I met my nephew caused my heart to soften. He went away now he lies in a coffin. My homies told me there will be days like this to cry less of the homies that past away. Sometimes I want to reminisce of all the people I lost along the way and be with them one more time.

I shook my nephew begging him to stay. I wish I could go back to yesterday. Sometimes when I’m alone I grave my Jesus piece and sometimes pray. Eyes lay wide of my nephew only 5 months old he laid there on my arms. Such a beautiful child with a beautiful smile now he is up in the heavens watching over us in a beautiful place.

He dint fade away because I still got him in my heart and he is now my new guarding angel that will never go away.

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