FINAL 2010

1. My favorite assiment that we did in BIM was when we went to movie maker and make a video about our top 3 artist and bands. I liked that project cause it was alot of fun finding out info about the people i who’s music i like to listen too.

2. I was describe this class as a laid back but very hard working class. i classify it as a media class.

3. Some of the skilled i had to use was the ability to use movie maker and different adobe programs like photoshop and fireworks. I could use these skills for when i get older and do something creative and stuff.

4. Naw, i didnt have any dislike. I liked everything about this class. it was a good class to start the day of with. i like alot, the project and the time that was given. it was always enough time for you to do your best and not have to cram stuff in. and mr, conover is just a cool teacher.

5. i wasnt in the class at the beginning of the school year but when i came i thought it looked like alot fun and i was proven to be right.

6. I was review this class as alot of fun and Mr. Conover is the coolest teacher that i have had at Connally.

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