Final BIM Blog for 2010

1. What were your favorite assignments of the year? Why were they your favorite?

2. What is your own description of this class? How do you classify B.I.M.M?

3. What are some of the skills that you have learned from this class? How will it help you in life?

4. Did you have any dislikes in this class, this year? If so what were they, and how do you think it can be fixed?

5. What were your first thoughts of this class at the beginning of the year? Have your thoughts changed at all about this class now?

6. What is your overall review of this class and me?

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  • jocelynflores June 1, 2010  

    1. My favorite assighnment of the year were when we used photoshop and movie maker because it gave me a chance to be creative.

    2. My view on this class is mainly an opportunity for creative and unique kids to show off what they got with what they know best on the computer.

    3. I learned how to use stuff for pivtures and videos on the computers. It can help me make flyers and stuff for my dads business.

    4.There were no dislikes. I liked all the assignments and everything we did.

    5.I thought it was going to be a hard class but it turned out that if you really pay attention then it’s actually easy

    6. I think this class is really fun and it’s a new experience and you are a really cool, understanding and helpful teacher (:

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