Reflection Questions

1. What were your favorite assignments of the year? Why were they your favorite?

-I loved when we got to do our own little creation according to our personalities. I have only one, but so many things and interests configure it.

2. What is your own description of this class? How do you classify B.I.M.M?

-It’s a very well-thought out class that helps you understand the process of business and you get to express yourself through visual arts like photoshop creations. It’s the class to take if you’re interested in the business world and digital graphics, completely.

3. What are some of the skills that you have learned from this class? How will it help you in life?

-I learned more on the digital graphics curriculum in this course; now I can edit pictures a lot better and put more work into it. I can be proud to say I did it, as far as effects and editing goes.

4. Did you have any dislikes in this class, this year? If so what were they, and how do you think it can be fixed?

-None at all =)

5. What were your first thoughts of this class at the beginning of the year? Have your thoughts changed at all about this class now?

-I really didn’t know what to expect, I just knew it had to do with business and media; then I got into it and realized it also has to do with marketing, sales, and your creativity. Everything from your own cool designs to logos and company oriented projects. I loved it.

6. What is your overall review of this class and me?

-I love this class and wish I could take a digital graphics class with Mr. Conover again this year. He’s very polite and connects with all of his students very well. Thank You, Mr. Conover =)

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