1. My favorite assignment was the TKAA poster because it gave us specifics and at the same time allowed us creativity

2. BIMM is simply the most effective Graphic Design class ever, you learn to use tools such as Photoshop to create something wonderful!

3. I’ve learned everything must be meticulous in order for it to be ready for a consumer, and as a future graphic designer that’s pretty important!

4. Haha, just my brother nudging me, it distracted me from my work sometimes, and that was easily fixed by telling Jake I wasn’t appreciative of it.

5. I came in to this class in the 2nd semester because of the wonderful things my brother said of it, so I knew it was going to be awesome

6. You’re the most easygoing teacher I have, you allow me to do what I need to and at the same time offer your advice, instead of lecturing and making the class go at a certain pace, much better than my last few technology classes!

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