1.What were your favorite assignments of the year? Why were they your favorite?
My favorite assignment his year was the poster for the DMX event.I got to be really creative with the whole video game theme, plus I loved video win win.
2.What is your own description of this class? How do you classify B.I.M.M?
It’s a class where you learn about graphic design and how to use the tools and programs.
3.What are some of the skills that you have learned from this class? How will it help you in life?
Well this class taught me how to use photoshop, I had no idea to use it, now im pretty darn good at it 😀
I want to do something in animation. Soo i might have to use photoshop sometime.
4.Did you have any dislikes in this class, this year? If so what were they, and how do you think it can be fixed?
The only dislike I had about this class is how cold it is in the room XD, ummm they can be fixed by fixing the AC and heater.
5.What were your first thoughts of this class at the beginning of the year? Have your thoughts changed at all about this class now?]
I thought it was just going to be another boring computer class, but it’s really fun class to be in. It’s really chill and fun to use the programs. My favorite is Adobe Flash CS3.
6.What is your overall review of this class and me?
The class is so great and awesome, you are so chill and cool. Not one of them boring teachers in this school. X] If anyone wants to learn about any graphic design or anything like that join this class!!! Thanks for the experience!!!

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